Founded in 2006, Sysware is headquartered in Beijing.
Sysware owns many international patents and has obtained ISO9000 Quality Management System certification. For several years running, it has received
recognition as part of the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 APAC. In March 2016, Sysware was listed as the Market Share Winner of 2015-2016 Chinese
Industrial Software Knowledge-based Automation Industry in the annual industry report compiled by  renowned Chinese IT consulting firm CCID

Sysware is a pioneer of “knowledge-based automation” in the engineering sphere, and also spearheads the use of “engineering middleware.”
Engineering Middleware Platform SYSWARE, a proprietary product of Sysware based on the concept of “knowledge-based automation,” falls into the
category of Industrie 4.0.
The Engineering Middleware Platform SYSWARE comprises four components: instrument middleware IDE, procedure middleware P2M, data management
middleware EDM, and knowledge middleware KE. The platform boasts an ample product family of over 40 apps and services. In addition, Sysware
provides a fundamental knowledge system oriented towards the engineering field in the manufacturing industry, which helps manufacturers establish an
open and integrated R&D platform, and achieve accumulation and reuse of their knowledge assets to set up a comprehensive technical knowledge
system and increase their core competitiveness.


Sysware will offer an intelligent platform and solution for manufacturers who are restructuring and upgrading by aid of knowledge-based automation and
cognitive computing. In this way, social resources, talents, and knowledge can be fully integrated to convert design and production from manually
operated machine to collaboration with a machine. The user is responsible for creative ideas, guidance, value assessment, and decision-making,
while the machine helps accomplish product design, simulation, test, craft, and production. In this unprecedented man-machine collaboration, man can
explore the infinite possibility of creativity, and the machine can reach the maximum physical boundary to form a real intelligent production system for