Knowledge-based Automation Intelligence Product R & D Forum Was Successfully Held in Beijing

Release time:2016-05-17

On April 21nd, Sysware successfully heldthe Knowledge-based Automation Intelligence Product R & D Forum at the Beihang Vision International Cultural
Exchange Center in Beijing with over fifty manufacturing guests present.

This forum invited two experts from IBM. One was Gery Eran, the chief architect of rational solutions, and the other was Bleakley Graham, architect of the
advanced rational solutions. The theme of sharing of MbSE and SoS's Practical Application by these two IBM expertsintroduced the latest development
of MbSE, and successful practice cases in some key areas were shown on site.

Then Chairman Li Yizhang delivered the keynote speech titled "Sysware Engineering Middleware: Wisdom Institute, Knowledge-based Automation and
MbSE," which further explained the relationship among them. He explained how Syswareachieved intelligent product R & D through the independent
research and development of knowledge-based automation and Sysware engineering middleware platform. Some typical successful applications of
Sysware in several areas for the last decade were showcased.