Knowledge Engineering

The KE product helps enterprises to establish personal knowledge center, project knowledge center and enterprise knowledge center to manage the
standard regulations, literature, policies and regulations, designing methods, procedure regulations, historical types and other knowledge types in
Meanwhile, it makes use of the super vocabulary and corpus training to construct the intelligent semantic platform and provide unified search and
intelligent push solutions. In this way, it realizes the effective share and utilization of knowledge and improves the production efficiency of enterprises.

Key value

It helps enterprises to construct knowledge base to manage the diversified knowledge according to different types; helps enterprises to systemize covert
and explicit knowledge asset and enables the plan, design, simulation and test data in the R&D process to be collected and reused; provides
enterprise engineers with unified searching platform to improve working efficiency and reduce working strength; constructs enterprise knowledge map,
understands the distribution status of enterprise knowledge and supports the management resolutions.

Case study

A customer from CASIC successfully implemented the “engine knowledge platform” project, made multi-dimensional management by developing
knowledge management base, scientific research experience base, public data base, electronic manual base and engineering base in the knowledge
center of the enterprise. The knowledge items were developed by extracting and digging out the knowledge and promoted to the task procedure
integrated system and engineering data management platform. In this way, in the working process, designers could receive the standards, regulations and
parameters sent from the knowledge platform automatically. Meanwhile, the working notes and experience were compiled for the knowledge system
index, which improved the designing efficiency greatly and realized the positive circulation and reuse of knowledge.